From time to time, the Trustees commission or support research projects that inform our grant making or our knowledge about key third sector topics. Examples of research include:

Putting Young People First, by Octavia Foundation
the BASE project is a creative learning centre dedicated to giving young people opportunities, support and empowerment in South Westminster. In 2014 the Octavia Foundation commissioned independent consultants - with funding support from the Westminster Foundation - to assess their work and to speak confidentially with the young people themselves. The full report can be read here.

Social Needs in Westminster, by NPC (New Philanthropy Capital)
In 2012, as part of our foundation-wide review, working with our colleagues in Grosvenor, we commissioned some research to provide background to our new funding programmes.  This research has also been used by small charities working in the area.  The full report can be read here.

Mindscapes, by Mind
The mental health charity, Mind, carried out a research study - with funding support from the Westminster Foundation - into small voluntary sector mental health service providers in rural areas.  The piece is called Mindscapes, and the full report can be read here.

Family Fun and School Success, commissioned by the Right Hon. Frank Field MP and carried out by the Centre for Family Research and the Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge
For many children, the start of school is an exciting and enjoyable time, but other children struggle with this transition, which brings with it many challenges.  Negative experiences at the start of school can adversely affect children’s wellbeing and are likely to contribute to less positive trajectories in academic and social skills.  The report promotes rapid identification of and support for children who have difficulty making the transition to school, and provides a simple instrument for evaluating the effectiveness of preschool interventions.  The full report can be read


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We value the opportunity to build relationships with the charities we support. This includes charity workshops, holding events on the Estate and encouraging staff fundraising. See more...

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