Other activities

Training workshops

We value the opportunity to build relationships with the charities we support. In recent years, we have hosted several ‘workshops’ for charities. These workshops enabled some of the smaller charities we support, both in London and in the North West, to develop their Social Media, Impact Measurement and PR skills. 

In 2016, we organised a 'Trustee Governance Workshop' run by the Small Charities Coalition.  The training was delivered to 14 charities and sizes and focused on understanding the importance of good governance and particularly the role of the Trustee in delivering an organisation's stated purpose.

Charity events

Charities are also able to benefit from using facilities on the Grosvenor Estate for fundraising functions, board meetings or networking events. For this purpose, two of the rooms in the courtyard at Eaton Hall, Chester, are made available to selected charities. Each year, a number of Garden Open Days are held on the Eaton Estate for the benefit of local charities.

Staff Match Funding

As part of our commitment to a culture of fundraising across the Grosvenor Estate, we operate a Staff Match Funding scheme. This means that we will ‘match’ the funds raised by any member of staff (i.e. if they have raised £400, we will donate a further £400) employed by the Grosvenor Estate. Each staff member is eligible to claim up to £1,000 in a calendar year.

The total amount of Staff Match Funding awarded in 2016

“The workshop was a well constructed forum to learn the essentials about being a trustee and what is expected of you. It was also a superb networking opportunity and chance to learn from your peers.”
Brigadier James Stopford CBE, 
The Not Forgotten Association