Stage 3: Application Guidelines

National Restrictions
The Westminster Foundation only considers applications for programmes and projects that occur within and benefit people living in the UK. Outside the UK, the Foundation only funds projects that have been nominated by the local Grosvenor teams in Continental Europe and Asia. It is not possible to apply for international or overseas funding.   

Organisation Restrictions
In the UK, the Foundation only gives grants to groups and organisations that are registered with the Charity Commission or where the grant is for an exclusively charitable purpose. Organisations that have “exempt” or “excepted” status such as educational establishments and churches qualify under these criteria. For more help on defining your organisation, visit:

Grant Making
In 2012 we commissioned research to identify the most pressing social needs in the Westminster area (carried out by New Philanthropy Capital and available here) and gathered information from various Community Foundations in our focus areas. In response to the findings we decided to concentrate our funding on the underlying problems of poverty. The findings revealed a number of ways in which poverty could be addressed: Development of Employment Skills; Supporting Communities; Young People and Mental Health; Youth Homelessness and Specialist Advisory services. Though we do not have sufficient resources to support all these needs, the Trustees have chosen to focus our grant-making on Supporting communities in need.

Supporting Communities in need
Supporting vulnerable groups: projects to tackle the challenges faced by people who are isolated or alone whether they are in rural or urban areas. This might include those who are suffering because of the absence of family and social networks to turn to for help and support, such as vulnerable older people. For example, outreach and community groups, befriending schemes, help on the doorstep, nutrition, welfare advice, emergency alarms, learning new skills, access to specialist transport services and communication.
Building resilience through strengthening local voluntary organisations: initiatives such as volunteer training to help organisations develop the skills they need to become better equipped to provide more effective and sustainable support to vulnerable people within our communities.

What we do not fund 

Your funding request cannot be for an individual person, trips or holidays, an animal charity or a medical research charity, see more.

Supporting Documentation 
There is an opportunity for applicants to upload photographs as a separate file, if you believe they provide useful information about your application. All photographs are included as part of a single file. If you only wish to upload a single photograph, please upload it as a JPEG. If you wish to upload more than one photograph, please place them all in a single .doc file (e.g. Microsoft Word) in order to upload them as a single file. Please limit the size of the photograph upload to 3MB. Please do not include photographs as part of other supporting documentation. Grant applicants may upload their latest annual report and accounts, if the would like this to be included in the reviewing process. 

After Your Application is Submitted
After your application is submitted online, there is a section of the form that enables you to provide feedback on the application form and guidelines. Any feedback you do provide will be considered by the Foundation team in our ongoing review of the grant making process.

Preview by Grant Assessor
Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by a member of the Westminster Foundation team. If deemed necessary, we may follow up the application with a phone call or arrange a visit for further clarification.

Review Panel and Trustees Meeting

If your application passes this initial stage, applications will be reviewed by our Grants Review Panel (which meets approximately every eight to ten weeks) and successful applicants will hear from us within two weeks of the meeting. If you do not hear from us in the timescales outlined above, you should assume that your application has not been successful. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to provide feedback on your applications or write to unsuccessful applicants. The decision of the Trustees Meeting and the Grants Review Panel is final.

Grant Offer

Successful applicants will receive a grant offer letter, detailing the amount awarded. You will be sent the terms and conditions of the grant and, if you agree to these, the grant will be awarded. A typical set of terms and conditions would include:
  • The understanding that members of the Westminster Foundation team may visit the funded organisation 
  • The understanding that any organisation funded under the Grants programme will produce a report of how the funding is being used and its impact. 
  • Any photographs the funded organisation sends us (in reports or in the original application) are sent on the understanding that they may be used in our communications (including our website) and that the permission of people in the photograph has been acquired.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Successful applicants will be required to submit a report detailing the outcomes of the projected service provision.


  • Grants are available for one-off requests of up to £5,000
  • Appeals are reviewed and decided on by our Grants Panel, which meets approximately every ten weeks

    Apply Online

    Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please check our eligibility and application guidelines before making an application.